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Your Organization

The platform is designed to allow many customers to share the same environment in separate places (called organizations) that preserve their privacy. Your organization separates and secures you from all other organizations and users of the platform.

An Organization is a grouping of unique users and can be used to represent a team, department, legal entity or brand. Organizations can be grouped into different types to control the other organizations they can see and interact with.

Within an organization, each user is assigned a role, providing specific access to features on the platform. The role of Organization Administrator is assigned by the platform owner. That Administrator can then invite other users to their organization, define their roles, and give them permissions to manage data.

Depending on your role and permissions, you can manage users within the organization, create endpoints to be shared by all users and create subscription plan templates for users creating data products.

Some of the most common user roles are:

  • General User

    • This role provides basic access to the main features of the platform

  • Product Creator

    • These roles grant access to creating data products and adding assets to them.

  • Asset Creator

    • These roles grant access to creating assets.

  • Organization Administrator

    • Users with this role can

      • Invite any other users to join the organization

      • Disable the ability for the Ecosystem Administrator to invite users to an organization

      • Assign roles to users within the organization, including the ability to create data assets and products

      • Create default data product Terms and Conditions and subscription plan templates than can to be used within the organization

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