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What happens when a Product is Deleted?

A product is deletable when there are no:

  • Active subscriptions

However, the product may be:

  • Used in Spaces

  • Used in Exports

  • Referenced by code assets

  • References by Tasks

  • Referenced by an asset from a Task or Space

When these relationships exist, the product can be deleted but the deleting user is made aware of these relationships and it is for them to acknowledge and decide on whether the deletion should be proceeded with.

Should the deleter decide to proceed with the deletion:

  • The above “non-blocking” relationships are handled as follows

    • Spaces - are locked until the space owner removes the deleted product from the space spec

    • Exports - are disabled and the exporting user can decide to delete the export

    • Code Assets - may fail if there were active references to the deleted product

    • Tasks - may fail if there were active references to the deleted product

    • Asset from Task or Spaces - will have the product removed from the asset lineage

  • The product is no longer be accessible from anywhere on the platform including the:

    • Exchange

    • Product page

    • Product listings

  • The data is hard deleted from all stored locations

  • An audit trail is saved so that some history of the product’s existence and when it was deleted can be reached

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