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View and manage a product

Once a product is created, you are taken to the product overview page. The product is in a draft state and all product section are empty.

Only users with manage product permissions for the product are able to reach the product overview page and apply any changes.

The product overview page contains a variety of sections that allow the product manager to make the product appropriately consumable.

Assets section

Product managers can select from a list of Live assets that they have management permissions for to add to the product.

  1. Click add assets.

  2. The asset selection will open and you can select multiple assets. Click save to apply your selection.

  3. Click save and exit to add the asset selection to the product draft.

  4. View the summarised asset section which displays the number of selected assets.

Packaging section

The packaging section allows you to add descriptions and images to help market your product on the exchange. Any information added here acts as a descriptive overview of your product and the data it may contains for consumers.

  1. Click edit packaging

  2. Adjust any of the packaging detail that is suitable for your product

    1. Icon

    2. Product listing image

    3. Product page header image

    4. Display name

    5. Summary text

    6. Product page headline

    7. Product page body text

    8. Refresh frequency

    9. Category tags

  3. Click save and exit to commit the packaging details to the product draft

  4. View the summarised packaging section. Each completed packaging detail will display a tick for you to track which have undergone changes and are part of the releasable draft.


Product plans govern how subscribed users can consume the product as well as dictate any usage terms and conditions or pricing that may apply.

Plans are the only detail that must have at least one selection to enable the initial release of a product.

Selectable plans available are as a result of ecosystem plans created by the ecosystem admin or plans created by the org admin.

  1. Click edit plans

  2. Use the toggle to select one or multiple appropriate plans. These will be accessible on the product page for consumers that are already subscribed or have visibility for the product.

  3. Click save and exit to commit the selected plans to the product draft

  4. View the summarised plans section which displays the number of selected plans.


The visibility setting controls which users or orgs can discover the product on the exchange.

Note: Subscribed users will always see the product they're subscribed to regardless of the visibility setting.

If a product is visible, users are able to access the product page and where there are self-serve subscriptions available, subscribe to the product to access any data is may contain.

  1. Click edit visibility

  2. Using the radio selection, choose the level of visibility you’d like to set

    1. Invisible to all

    2. Selected users

      1. Search for and select one or more individual users

    3. Selected organizations

      1. Search for and select one or more organizations

    4. All users and organizations

  3. Click save and exit to commit the visibility setting.

  4. View the summarised visibility setting on the product overview page.

Integration metadata

Applying integration metadata enables integration with some external processes or information that can be invoked using a specific Key Value pair. The integration metadata will never be visible to consuming users.

  1. Click edit entries

  2. Click add integration metadata

  3. Insert

    1. Key - this is a string

    2. Value - this is a string

  4. Click save and exit to commit the key value pairs.

  5. View the summarised entries that have been added as part of the new releasable draft.

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