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Understanding Usage permissions

The usage permissions tabs are available to inform you of what other products or assets you need access to to make use of the product, asset, space or export you’re viewing.

Products and assets

You can find the usage permissions tab for a product on the product page.

For an asset it can be found by clicking the asset name and viewing the asset information modal from your My collection view.

  • The first section of the usage permissions tab tells you what permissions you currently hold for the product or asset you’re viewing.

  • The second section is a table of all the products that you additionally need permissions to use the product or asset you’re viewing. This table will only ever contain products. The listed products will be as a result of enforced subscription lineage that applies due to the products or assets that were used to create the one you’re viewing.

You can see the product name and whether you meet the requirements to enable use in spaces and/or export.

Where the requirements are met for all types of usage, you need only the matching permissions for the product or asset you’re viewing to proceed.

Where you do not yet hold permissions that mean requirements have been met, you will have access to some contact details of the product-owning organisation or a link that will take you to the available subscription plans for that particular product.

Spaces and Exports

Certain conditions may result in a space being locked or an export being disabled. To help identify the root cause of this, each space or export page has a usage permissions tab.

It lists all the products and assets that you need access to ensure the space is not locked and the export is not disabled respectively.

Using the usage permissions tab on an export as an example.

There is a list of products and assets that you must hold export permissions for to enable the export. Depending on the lineage of the product or asset you’re exporting, these listings could contain a multitude of products and assets or just one of either.

For each product or asset listed, the reason why access is required is shown. This could be due to its inclusion in the export or because an additional subscription is required to support the export permission for the product or asset you’re exporting.

Where suitable export permissions are missing for any products or assets listed:

  • for products there could be a link to available subscription plans

  • for products or assets there could be a link to the contact details of the owning organisation

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