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Understand where a Data Product is Used

When users subscribe to a data product and use it as part of another data product, within a Space or to Export, many relationships are established between the data product and the user. Understanding how and where a data product is used helps you to understand the impact of deleting the data product.

Note: You must be able to view this product in the product management view to perform this action.

To view data product relationships:

  1. Navigate to the manage products page.

  2. Find the required data product and click the three dots > Data Product Relationships.

Data product relationships view

The data product relationships view contain a of information on

  • Subscriptions - the active subscriptions that are currently governing the consumption of the data product by subscribers

A data product can only be deleted when, there are no active subscriptions. In order to achieve this, the following must be done first

  • Subscriptions - all active subscriptions must be expired. This might happen over time in the case of a trial subscription or it could be a manual effort by to expire each active subscription

References and FAQs

What happens when a subscription expires ?

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