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Tips to Promote Your Data Product

Increase brand visibility of your data product and make it instantly recognizable. 

  • Use your company logo, including your company name where appropriate.

  • Keep the background simple and avoid transparency.

If you are not promoting your brand then generate an icon to create a uniquely colored image for your data product.

Header text can play a key role in how others discover your data product. Choose simple, memorable text that concisely describes your data product.  Be distinctive and do not include the word “data”, “dataset” or “data product” as that’s inherent in the product being on the Platform.

Define an engaging description that highlights the most desirable and important aspects of your data product. Let potential customers know the prime use cases and the types of insights that can be derived - the story of what people do with data is usually more inspiring than the data itself.

Communicate in the tone of your brand, and use terminology that is likely to resonate with your target audience.

Keep the description specific to your data product and avoid generic or vague descriptions such as “weather data”. 

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