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Specify the Data, People, Tools and Compute you Need

Prerequisite: You must have built your virtual desktop interface (VDI)

You can specify the people, tools and compute you want to work with by creating a Space Specification.

We recommend you create a separate Space specification for each piece of work you undertake so you minimize the number of data products in your Space to avoid any potential issues related to subscription lineage or when a subscription expires.

Subscription lineage is enforced for any data product that has ever been included as part of your space specification so if you are planning to create and export an engineered data product then make sure you have all the necessary subscriptions.

You must be subscribed to at least one data product with an active Spaces or Spaces and Export subscription plan.

To create a space specification:

  1. Click on the Spaces icon on the navigation bar.

  2. Click Create Space.

    1. Enter a Name

    2. (Optional) Enter a Description.

    3. Select the Space Type from a pull down list that have been provided by the platform owner and is auto-provisioned with a number of industry standard data science tools.

    4. Select the Data data products you need:

      1. Data Products provides a list of all data products to which you have a suitable subscription plan

      2. Data Assets provides a list of all Data Assets which you have permission to use. This is only visible of the feature has been enabled by your Platform Owner and currently includes remote Snowflake Data Assets.

    5. Select Collaborators who can access the Space from a pulldown list.

    6. Click Create - it takes just a couple of minutes to configure your space specification.

  3. Go to the Invites tab to accept or reject invitations to a collaborative space to which you have been invited.

Now you are ready to active a session, as defined in your space specification

References and FAQs

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