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Share product

Once a product exists and is in a Draft or Live state, it can be shared with other users or organizations.

Note: Sharing a product is only possible by users that have manage product permissions.

Share a product

  1. Click the share button found on the product overview page.

  2. A modal displays users that already have access to the product.

  3. To add an new user or org, click add user/org.

  4. Search for the user or org you would like to add and select.

  5. Once the user or org is selected and listed, these users will receive the permission to manage the product.
    Note: products can only have manage permissions shared. Unlike assets that can be shared for use too, the consumption of a product is controlled solely through the use of subscriptions.
    choose the permissions you would like to grant, there are two permissions available.

  6. Click save to apply this share immediately.

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