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Security Best Practices

The following recommendations help you to keep your data secure and to manage your tasks efficiently.

  • Limit the number of products and/or assets in a Space to those that are related to your use case. You can create another, separate Space for your products and/or that are not related. This keeps related products/assets and use cases together in a manageable size, where you can more easily control access to them.

  • We recommend keeping a small Space specialized by use case with segregated access for users, so you don’t have to grant access to all products and/or assets for all users. This way you can open data for collaboration without overexposing it.

  • Only the owner of a Space can add products, assets and collaborators. This person leads the work on that Space so make sure you know who the Space owner is by viewing the details of the Space specification.

  • When creating an engineered asset from a Space, the security of the asset is limited by the subscription plans associated with the products in that Space. This is another reason that limiting the products in a Space is good practice.

  • You may need to add more than one subscription plan template to your product if the usage of that data product needs to be different for different consumers.

  • On your connector, be sure to update your security credentials.

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