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Schedule the execution of your Code Asset with a Task

A Task is an automated process for executing a code asset against target products and/or assets to create an output that can be used to create a new asset. The process can be run on a scheduled basis or be triggered when one or more of the target products or assets update.

Tasks can take several minutes to complete because behind the scenes a new, temporary compute instance is activated to execute the code in your Code Asset . As a user this is only really noticeable when the Task is run for the first time as all subsequent updates are executed automatically. You can return to check the status of your Task at any time

Note: You must have an automation creator or automation administrator role to perform this action. The Automation icon on the navigation bar is not visible without one of these roles.

You must have already created a Code Asset.

To schedule the execution of your Code Asset:

  1. Click on the Automation icon on the navigation bar.

  2. Click on the Tasks option.

  3. Click Create Task.
    The Create Task dialog page appears.

    1. In the Details section:

      1. (Required) Enter a title for the task.

      2. (Optional) Enter a description for the task.

    2. In the Code Asset section:

      1. Click Select Code Asset. The Code Asset selection page appears.

      2. Select the required Code Asset.

      3. Click Save. The dialog box closes and you return to the Create Task page.

    3. In the Products section: select any additional products, if available.

    4. In the Assets section: select any additional Assets, if available.

    5. In the Task Sharing section: select any users you wish to add as collaborators on this Task.

    6. In the Trigger section: select how the Task will trigger. Available options are:

      1. Manual: your Task must be triggered by user input.

      2. Product or asset Update: an update to a linked Product or asset will trigger this task. At least one contributing Product or asset must be updating.

      3. Schedule: set a schedule to automatically trigger the Task repeatedly.

    7. Select if a notification email should be sent for a successful run as well as for failed runs. If a Task fails then check the status of it to find out more information.

    8. Click Save or Save and Run.

      1. Your Task must run successfully for it to be available as a Source to create an automated data product

Now you are ready to create an asset from a task

References and FAQs

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