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Register as a New User on the Platform


You should have received an invitation in your email inbox from inviting you to join the Platform. This email address might be different if your platform is using a custom domain such as www.<unique-platform-name>.<client-domain>.com.

If you have lost track of an expected invitation then browse your Organization and ask your Organization Administrator to send another.

For optimum experience use the Chrome browser.

To register as a new user:

  1. Click on the Platform link in your invitation email.

  2. Sign in:

    1. If Single Sign On (SSO) has been implemented then authenticate with the relevant SSO provider to sign in.

    2. If SSO is not required then :

      1. Set a strong password and authenticate by entering your email address and password:

      2. and then log in:

  3. Register your details:

    1. Note, the Organization to which you have been invited is displayed which you can explore later.

    2. Enter your First Name and Last Name.

    3. (Optional) Enter your Department, Job Title.

    4. Click Continue.

  4. Select a unique Avatar that is used as your moniker throughout the Platform:

    1. Click on a coloured dot to change the colour of your Avatar , the shape in the avatar is unique to you and never changes.

    2. Click Continue.

  5. Read and the platform terms and conditions and

    1. Click the check box to Accept

    2. Click Continue.

Bookmark the URL for the Platform to make it easy to find when you want to log in.

Now you are ready to browse the Exchange

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