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How do I migrate from Presto to Trino?

If you used Presto within Spaces prior to the release of Trino then this article outlines the changes in user experience you will experience as you migrate to Trino.

Change Items : 

  • In the Exchange and Spaces UIs, the ‘Presto’ tool will be renamed ‘Trino’

  • The new ‘Trino’ Spaces tool will have the logo shown here : 

  • The HUE editor that allows access to the Data Product, Collaborate and Publish databases will be renamed ‘Spaces’ compared to ‘PrestoSQL’ in the current state

  • In Superset SQLLab Trino will be provisioned as the ‘Spaces’ database, compared to ‘Fast Spaces Metastore’ in the current state

    • In pre-existing Spaces the ‘Fast Spaces Metastore’ will initially be maintained for compatibility, but may be removed in a later release

  • The underlying Trino catalog that supports these connections will be called ‘spaces’ rather than ‘hive’, such that fully qualified table names in queries would change as : 

    • ‘hive.collaborate_db.output_table1’ (Presto) → becomes → ‘spaces.collaborate_db.output_table1’ (Trino)

  • Within JupyterLab notebooks, PyHive connections should be updated with the following lines (all subsequent python actions remain the same): 

    • from pyhive import trino

    • conn = trino.Connection(host=”localhost”, port = 8060)

  • Within RStudio, the RPresto package should continue to be used with the following line added to the DBI::dbConnect() connection : 

    • use.trino.headers = True

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