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Grant a New Subscription to a Data Product

Creating a new subscription to a subscription plan where the channel is managed allocates a subscription to selected organizations or users, depending on the scope of the managed subscription plan. Once a subscription has been allocated and activated, or any associated terms and conditions have been accepted, the recipient of the subscription has access to the data product.

If a user does not show as having an avatar then this means they are invited only and have not registered. Pre-allocating subscriptions to invited users provides them access to a curated view of ready-to-use data products as soon as they registered.

Note: You must have a subscription administrator role to perform this action.

To create a new subscription:

  1. Navigate to the manage products view

  2. Live products will have a ‘Manage subscriptions’ and ‘New subscription’ button at the end of the product row under the three dots menu

  3. Click ‘New subscription’

    1. A list of subscription plans where the channel is managed appears.

  4. Hover over the subscription plan and click on it until it is highlighted.

    1. You are able to set a Price that is relevant to the application of this subscription to a specific organization or user, or group of users

  5. Select Next.

    1. If the subscription plan has a Scope equal to Organization then select one or more organizations to assign this subscription plan to.

    2. If the subscription plan has a Scope equal to Single or Multi-users then select one or more users to assign the subscription to.

  6. Click Subscribe.

References and FAQs

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