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Edit the details of your Organization

You probably won’t need to edit the details of your Organization very often but just in case you do, here’s how.

Note: You must have an organization administrator role to perform this action.

  1. Click on the Organization Logo on the navigation bar.

  2. Click the three-dot menu > edit

  3. Go to the Organization tab to edit the details that can be viewed by any user who may want to explore your data products.

    1. Edit the Organization Name.

    2. View the Organization Type which has been set by the platform owner and defines how your organization interacts with others.

    3. Edit Details to allow publishers in this organization to add categories and tags to data products (if available).

    4. Edit the Logo according to the required image sizes.

    5. Edit the Organization description.

    6. Edit the Support email address which is important so that the consumer of any data products from your organization know where to get help from.

    7. Edit the Subscription email address where requests for a subscription are sent if the channel is set to managed.

  4. Edit Users to allow Ecosystem administrators to invite users to the organization. If this is disabled, only users with the organization administrator role are able to invite users to the organization.

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