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Driving Value from Products

Having been invited to join the platform there are many ways you can drive value from engaging with the products and features available to you.

Explore products

Once registered on the platform you can explore all products available to you. Search for products that you might not know are available. Make informed decisions about what data is useful to you by reviewing the data product description, samples, meta data and visualizations. Learn more about the products and services offered by the platform owner via marketing banners and logos.

Examine the Contents of a Data Product

Gain access to the content of a data product within minutes by subscribing to a data product and exploring the data using the analytical tools available to you on platform

Accelerate your understanding of products with Collaboration

Understand products more quickly by collaborating on platform with the publisher of the data product, or someone else in your team, using your analytics tool of choice.

Integrate your own Data Pipelines with the Platform

Take your products and insights directly into your own environment.

Share your own products

Bring your own products onto the exchange to share with others or to combine with other products to drive insights that are relevant to your own business need.

Create a Custom Data Product

Share your work by creating a custom data product. Capture, use and share the output of collaboration and analysis and consume this off platform for further usage.

Automate the Creation of your Custom products

Re-use your code to automatically create an updating data product that is refreshed when the contributing products are updated or on an event driven basis. Automatically export the data product to your own environment to drive operationalize consumption.

Consume products Off Platform

Use your chosen products in your own environment in the format you need.

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