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Create the asset from a task

Having examined the contents of one or more products or assets in a Space, created a product or asset in publish_db, re-used your code as a code asset, scheduled its execution via a task you can share this updating asset with other users on the platform.

The subscription lineage of the asset from a task is determined by the subscriptions the publisher of the data product has to the contributing data products.

Note: You must have an automation creator role or an automation administrator role an asset creator role to perform this action.

You must have previously successfully executed your code asset via a task.

To create an asset from a task:

  1. Click on the Assets icon in the manage from down found in the navigation bar.

  2. Click Create Asset.

  3. Select Task as the source

  4. Complete the asset creation flow as described here - Create and Release an Asset

References and FAQs

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