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Create Assets from a Space

Having examined the contents of one or more assets or products in a Space you can create your own custom asset by combining multiple inputs which you can then share with other users on the platform.

These assets use a Space as a Source.

Note: You must have an asset creator role to perform this action.

You must have saved the results of your analysis as a table in the publish_db of the Space.

As a simple example, execute this SQL (via SQL Lab) in a Space to create a custom data product :

DROP TABLE if exists publish_db.<example table>;

CREATE TABLE publish_db.<example table>


SELECT count (100) from <dbname.tablename>;

  1. Navigate to the assets homepage by clicking assets in the manage menu found on the navigation bar.

  2. Click on Create Asset.

  3. Give the asset a name and select a Space as the source.

  4. Complete the asset creation process as described here - Create and Release an Asset

References and FAQs

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