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Create and release products

Creating a product is easy and can be done in a few clicks. Products can be used to bundle a range of assets from any connector type or source regardless of whether the assets are at source or on platform.

Note: You must have a product creator role to perform this action.

Create a Product

  1. Navigate to the Products feature by clicking Products under the Manage menu.

  2. On the product management page, click Create product. This opens a modal requesting a product name.

  3. Insert product name and click create.

Release a product draft

Once the product is created, you will be directed to the product overview page. The product will be in a draft state as it has never been released.

A product cannot be released until at least one subscription plan is set.

Set a subscription plan and release

  1. Scroll to the plans section click add plans.

  2. Choose an appropriate plan.

  3. Click save and exit.

The Release button is now enabled and you can release the product to make it live on the exchange.

Product releases can controlled where draft version reviews are required. Product administrators have the power to decide when a product is ready for release. This ensures that no unintentional releases take place and no details are exposed to users on the exchange without the right user first having reviewed them.

Note: You must have a product administrator role to perform this action.

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