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Create and release product drafts

When a product has been released, all of the values manifest for consumers in the exchange. When product managers apply updates to any of the product sections, these create a draft. The drafted changes will not manifest for the consumers until a user with a product administrator role specifically releases the draft.

Where the draft-creating user is different to the releasing user, releasing users are able to inform themselves of what has changed and of what the draft contains by viewing the product sections on the product page.

Each section will represent any changes make in orange. To find out more detail or make any adjustments, the product administrator can click through to the section page.

Note: Product administrator role is required to release a product.

Management permissions are required to edit a product and create a new product draft for release.

Reviewing and releasing drafts

When a new draft is available, the product will have a Live with draft changes status.

  1. Click the product to view the overview page.

  2. Scroll through the sections with orange draft summaries to understand which section have undergone updates and have values contained in the draft.

  3. Click through to the edit mode of any section to review the detail of a change or make adjustments.

  4. If you make any adjustments be sure to click save and exit. This will update the product draft.

  5. Once you’re happy with the new values contained in the draft, click release to make them live. All updated values are now immediately available to consumers.

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