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Create an S3 Bucket

Note: You must have access to an AWS cloud account and know the AWS Account Number. See Creating a bucket for more information.

S3 Connectors are secure gateways through which data products can be moved in and out of the Platform using S3 bucket transfers.

To create an S3 bucket:

  1. Log into your AWS account.

  2. In the search bar type S3 or Bucket.
    Click enter.

  3. Click on Create Bucket.

  4. Under General Configuration:

    1. Insert Bucket Name.

    2. Select your AWS Region (any cross region transfers are handled appropriately if the bucket is in a different region from the platform)

    3. (Optional) Copy settings from an existing bucket.

  5. Under Object Owner:

    1. Select ACLs Disabled (recommended).

  6. Under Block Public Access settings for this bucket:

    1. Select Block all Public Access.

  7. Under Bucket Versioning:

    1. Select Disable or Enable.
      Help: Versioning is a means of keeping multiple variants of an object in the same bucket. You can use versioning to preserve, retrieve, and restore every version of every object stored in your Amazon S3 bucket. With versioning, you can easily recover from both unintended user actions and application failures.

  8. (Optional) Enable Tags.

  9. Under Default encryption:

    1. Select advanced settings if you want to Disable or Enable object lock.

  10. Click Create bucket.

Now you are ready to connect your storage to the platform via a cloud connector.

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