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Create an Export Process

There are many different technologies available to allow you to store and manage your data needs. The platform allows you to extract data from the platform and integrate it into your internal system and environments giving you the flexibility of quickly accessing data when you want it, where you want it.

Static products or assets can be exported to your desktop or to a cloud connector, as needed. Updating assets can be exported automatically to a previously configured cloud connector every time the data is refreshed.

To export a product you must have an active subscription for Export or Spaces and Export.

To export an asset you must have use permissions which include Export and Spaces.

You must also subscribe to all contributing data products where subscription lineage is enforced.

  1. Click on the Exports icon on the navigation bar.

  2. Click Create Export to create a process to export one product or asset at a time. Products can contain multiple assets.

  3. Enter Title and Description.

  4. Select a Product or asset.

    1. If the required product is not displayed then make sure you have the necessary subscription

  5. Select Format.

    1. If the product or asset was created in CSV, ORC or Parquet format then it is possible to change the format of the data upon export

  6. Select destination for the export.

    1. If the Destination is not desktop, select the connector from the pull down list and add further details depending on the source. .

    2. Desktop is not an available option if the product or asset (and subsequent export) is updating.

  7. Select Create. If a cloud connector has been chosen the connection is tested and any issues are highlighted.

  8. Select Start Export to continue.

    1. The export process begins and the Status updates to from in progress to success. Sometimes the export can take a while to complete, you can leave this screen and come back later to check the status of the export process.

Now you are ready to receive your exported data on your cloud connector or desktop.

References and FAQs

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