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Create a GCS bucket

Note: You must have access to an GCS cloud account and know the GCS Account Number. See Create storage buckets for more information.

You must have a Technician role to perform this action.

To create an account, please visit Google Cloud Console. If you already have a GCP account, please follow the steps below.

GCS Connectors are secure gateways through which products can be moved in and out of the platform using GCS bucket transfers.

To create a GCS bucket:

  1. Log into your GCS account.

  2. Click Create a storage bucket.

  3. Insert Bucket Name following GCP’s naming guidelines

  4. Choose where to store your data

    1. For learning purposes, choose Multi-region; however pick whichever works best for you

  5. Choose a storage class for your data

    1. For this example, select Standard

  6. Choose how to control access to object

    1. For this exercise we will select Fine-grained which will enforce public access prevention

  7. Choose how to protect object data

    1. For now, select None

  8. Press Create

Now you are ready to connect your storage to the platform via a cloud Connector

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