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Configure product updates

Data producers use the product update toggle to control the product’s last refresh date. This can be used to trigger tasks or exports that are set up as repeating.

The last refresh date of a product can be updated manually or set to update in sync with an identified asset that the product contains.

While an update to this last refresh date represents a trigger for downstream processing, where the data is accessed in a space or exported on demand, the data available in each separate asset may be more recent than the last refresh date shown on the product.

Configure updating product

Where assets have been added to a product, the product manager can enable automatic product updates that are informed by one of the assets it contains.

  1. Toggle the automatic updates on. This can be found in the asset section of the product beneath the selected assets table

  2. Select a trigger asset. When this asset updates, the last refreshed date for the product will be set to match.

  3. Click save and exit to apply the changes to the draft. These updates must be released to take hold.

This selection must go through release control to be applied.

Manual updates

You can update the ladt refresh date of a product manually where you’d prefer not to elect a trigger asset.

  1. Click the update button alongside the Last refresh date which can be found on the product over view page beneath the product name.

  2. A modal is launched with some explanation on product last refresh date. Click the Update now button. This will ensure the last refresh date is updated immediately, this does not need to go through release comtrol.

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