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Combine Data Assets and Products in a Space

A Data Asset can be added to a Space when you specify what you need, just like a product.

Snowflake Data Assets are remote which means the data within the asset is queried in it’s remote location and is not transferred to the platform.

Once an asset has been added to a space, you can query it. Current naming convention is to access an asset is:

  • Asset Name: Mortgage Portfolio

  • Asset Source: Snowflake

  • Hue Catalog Name : Mortgage Portfolio

  • Trino Catalog Name: snwfl_mortgage_portfolio

select * from <trino_catalog_name>.<schema>.<table> limit 100;


<trino_catalogue_name> is the technical 'Trino Catalog Name' name shown above

<schema> is the "schema name" from the source system (e.g. Snowflake)

<table_name> is the name of a table in the schema.


  • use show catalogs command to get a list of catalogs and their names 

  • Do use <catalog name>; show schemas; commands to get a list of the schemas within a catalogQuery performance may be impacted if:

  • full volume table results are returned (>10 million records).

  • a query joins a Data Asset and data within a product.

  • the configuration of the Snowflake warehouse referenced by the Data Asset is sub-optimal.

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