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Collaboration Strategies

Collaborators work together in a Space to create insights and engineered assets. The specification of the Space i.e. the compute, data products, assets, tools and people, is defined by a user who defined the specification and this person is referred to as the Space owner. If you are not the Space owner yourself then make sure you know how to contact the owner as that person is responsible for inviting collaborators to join a Space and add or remove data products.

Each collaborator has their own compute environment so there is never any contention with other collaborators so you can do your work at any time.

You do not need to wait for all collaborators to accept an invitation in order to start work in the Space.

Make sure you have the necessary subscriptions to the data products and / or access to standalone assets within the collaborative Space otherwise the Space appears as locked.

Share your tables, notebooks, queries and other files with your fellow collaborators within a Space.

As a collaborator you can leave that Space at any time. As the owner of a collaborative Space you must pass ownership to another user in your Organization before you can leave the Space.

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