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Check the Status of an Export Process

You can leave an export process running and come back to check its status at any time.

To view the status of an export process:

  1. Click on the Export icon on the navigation bar.

  2. View a summary of all your exports which can be toggled between a list view and a grid view.

  3. For each Export you can:

    1. Review Export details

      1. Product/asset name

      2. Table format

      3. Frequency

      4. Target details (connector)

        1. Target

        2. Connector and connector details

      5. Review the updates table

        1. Start

        2. End

        3. Status

        4. Location

      6. Review usage permissions - this is a table to clarify which products or asset you require export permissions to enable a successful export of this product or asset to run.

If your export fails it shows in the top right and as a status for your export. Check you have the required access to your connector and also the the size of your data is appropriate for the known connector limits

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