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Add and Remove Collaborators

Prerequisite: You must first build your virtual desktop interface (VDI).

You must have created a Space specification.

When you wish to work with other people in your Space you can add them as Collaborators. Collaborators can use different tools to analyze the same data and results can be shared between collaborators via the collaboration_db in a Space.

You can manage your collaborators via the navigation bar on the exchange or within the Spaces app via your Secure Desktop. To manage collaborators:

  1. Click on the Spaces icon on the navigation bar.

  2. Click on the Spaces tab.

  3. Click on the relevant Space Specification

  4. Click on the Collaborators tab.

  5. Click on Edit Collaborators to see the list of available collaborators:

    1. Add Collaborators by moving them from the left to the right. You must be the Space owner.

      1. A popup warns you of all subscriptions that your Collaborators are missing. These subscriptions must be activated before the collaborator can access the Space.

    2. Remove collaborators by moving them from the right to the left. You must be the Space owner.

      1. When a collaborator is removed it is not possible for them to access the Space.

  6. Click Save.

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