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Activate your Tools and Compute

Activate your on-platform tools and compute to analyze your products and/or assets by activating a session of your pre-defined by your Space specification.

You can have one active Space session at a time.

You must first access your Secure Desktop.

  1. Click on the Spaces App.

  2. Select the Space Specification you would like to activate and click the blue Activate button on the right hand side

  3. As the tools become active they change from grey to color and change from Waiting to Launch. You are shown the estimated time for the Space to activate, which is usually about 5 mins. If it is longer, then have a stretch and come back later.

    Active Space Tools
  4. Click on the tool you would like to use for your analysis once it becomes active.

  5. Enter any required login credentials to use the tool.

Now you can explore the contents of your data products using the selected tool

References and FAQs

Usernames and Passwords for Tools in Spaces

Secure Desktop

About the Tools in Spaces

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