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5.4 New Workbench spaces that do not require VDI

  • New Workbench option for spaces and updated Spaces user experience. Note that is this is available only on AWS.: 

    • Depending on the user’s permissions to current and historical data in a Space, they will encounter either the Workbench or Sandbox spaces experience.

      • Workbench is a lightweight, fast way to access a space. Internet access remains in tact but there is no need to use the secure desktop.

      • Sandbox is the most secure way to access the data in a space. It requires that users log in to the virtual desktop to achieve the most secure environment to prevent unwanted data egress.  

  • My collection empty state updates - when users first login to the platform and have yet to receive any consumption permissions for assets or subscriptions for products, they are met with a My Collection empty state that guides them towards what they can do. This gives action options and explanations on what the user can do next to start their data journey. Depending on permissions, users are encouraged to visit the exchange, create assets or drop files in My collection to begin automatic asset creation.

  • Quick asset creation from My collection or Manage assets views - Files can simply be dropped into the My Collection or Asset management views to initiate a fully automatic asset upload and creation process.

  • User subscriptions can be viewed by Eco and Org admins in the user profile

  • User can select ‘Text’ as an export format

  • At Source S3 assets are now enabled on AWS platform

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