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4.8 Get Ready for Snowflake Assets

What’s New

Evaluating Snowflake Assets in Spaces

Most of our work for 4.8 has been focussed on allowing users to evaluate Snowflake Assets in Spaces in GCP and then in AWS (due in 4.9) which is summarised in Evaluating Snowflake Assets in Spaces.

The feature is turned off by default so contact your Platform Owner to discuss having it enabled for your Organization.

Enhanced platform legibility

We are continuously looking for ways to improve the way you use the platform so we have adjusted all display colors to achieve a higher contrast and greater legibility. We have also removed the text size reduction hover effect from data product tiles on the exchange so that data product name now just remains the same larger size upon hover.

Bug Fixes

  • Users can be re-invited post expiry even if the user had subscriptions allocated.

  • Depending on your SSO configuration, when you log out of the Platform your SSO session is also disabled.

  • Auto logout is enforced after 1 hour of inactivity on an open browser. When the user has been logged in and has closed the browser without logging out, the token is invalidated after 4 hours.

  • When applying a Trial subscription to a Data Product, the duration of the Trial must be at least 1 day

  • (GCP only) The help text link in the Spaces Help modal has been removed - the screenshot has been updated here Access your Secure Desktop from your VDI.

  • (GCP only) It is once again possible to add more than 9 Data Products to a Space. Sorry about that one.

Release Start Date: 16NOV22

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