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4.7 Enabling SSO

What’s New

Identity management and enablement of SSO integration

We have implemented Auth0 to manage identities and platform access for users and provide the option to enable secure yet frictionless entry to the Platform. If SSO hasn’t been setup for you yet then you won’t notice many changes.

Find out what has changed in these articles:

Register as a New User on the Platform

Log into the platform

Reset a Forgotten Password

Change your Password

Default Password Requirements

Invite a User

More Python Packages available in Spaces (AWS)

PyPi is the Python package management framework that is used for installing packages into a python development and analytics environment. 

A private PyPi repository is now available for use within Spaces. 

This allows users to install Python packages that have been provisioned into the repository with standard pip install <package_name> commands from JupyterLab notebooks:

Example package installation from the Private Repo

For more information see Using Python in a Space

Bug Fixes

  • When adding an Internal subscription plan with Enforced data lineage to an Engineered Data Product the subscription plan was displaying as Not Enforced.

  • When the name of an Organization changes, the user profiles of users from that Organization still displayed the old Organization name.

  • When viewing Space Collaborators the “Last used” date and “Hours Logged” fields are non-functional and have now been removed.

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